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How to Select the Best Anti-Wrinkle Cream

by Richard Payne

Many jurisdictions do not regulate nonprescription anti-aging skin products with the same degree of scrutiny as they regulate prescription skin medications. It is, therefore, left to the consumer to select the product that will deliver the results that they wish for. However, the multiplicity of skin care creams on the market often makes it hard for the inexperienced person to select the best product to buy. This article discusses some of the factors that you should consider when selecting a nonprescription anti-wrinkle cream.

Multiplicity of Ingredients

Fighting wrinkles usually requires several ingredients to work together. For example, you may need vitamin C to protect your skin from being damaged by the sun since such damage can be a factor in the development of wrinkles. Similarly, peptides can also play a part in combating wrinkles since they make damaged skin cells heal quickly. Thus, it is important for you to read the labels of different anti-wrinkle creams so that you select the option that has the biggest number of ingredients so that the synergy of those different ingredients increases your chance of getting positive outcomes from the cream.

Frequency of Use

Different anti-wrinkle creams often have different frequencies of use. For example, some creams may need to be applied once a day while others have to be applied twice each day. Adhering to the application instructions of those creams is critical to their performance when you want to delay or reverse the onset of wrinkles. Find a cream whose frequency of application is in line with your lifestyle. For example, select an anti-wrinkle cream that has to be applied once a day if you are a busy person who cannot get an opportunity to use a cream that must be applied several times each day.


Product labels usually indicate which categories of people should be careful as they use those products in order to avoid certain side-effects. For example, some products may not be suitable for people with sensitive skin since they may develop a rash. You should, therefore, avoid those anti-wrinkle creams that describe contraindications that are applicable to you.

It is normally advisable to consult an anti-ageing expert before you start using any products to delay or reverse the onset of wrinkles. That expert will examine you and advise you about the ingredients that should be in the product that you use for your particular condition. The expert can also help you to address any concerns that you may have as you are using that chosen product.